Largo Music


Welcome to the home of Largo Music

Largo Music is a multi-faceted music company providing services including:

  • Sheet music and recordings by Richard Ingham
  • Composing and arranging services
  • Editing and Engraving - manuscripts prepared for publication
  • Event Management
  • Recording production
  • Recording project management
  • Professional development seminars
  • Education workshops
  • Saxophone masterclasses
  • Ensemble workshops
  • Jazz education

Contact Largo Music - Email Margaret Douglass with any enquiries.


What a weekend! -

We had a wonderful weekend of big band jazz, funk and Motown with coaches Richard Ingham and Eliot Murray.  The beautiful Gartmore House near Loch Lomond was filled with music and musicians for a high intensity course including standards, improvising, big band charts, and combo jamming.

Genuine participant quotes:
"That was the funnest thing I've even done."
"You may have arrived at a great format-jazz, funk, soul playing with singing and improv in popular setting!"